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The Book

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The Book

The Incidental Guru™

Imagine the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, renowned psychiatrist Scott Peck and a temperamental mutt named Harry on a long walk where the topic of conversation is emotional healing.

Respected psychotherapist, Cindy Stone, shares an inspiring and insightful tale about how she met her incidental guru, an abandoned and rebellious dog whose defensive manner helped unveil touchstone elements for profound self awareness and developing intimate and satisfying relationships. Whether relating with our partner, family, friends, co-workers, or pets, The Incidental Guru will touch our souls with wisdom and insight encouraging us all to relate to both animals and people with greater understanding and compassion. Join Cindy and Harry and engage your heart, your mind and spirit in a journey of discovery and find your way to fulfillment.

Cindy calls upon the The Four Elements of Healing: courage, trust, respect and love to guide us in navigating our own emotional landscape. If we are beginning a new relationship, in the middle of an existing relationship, or ending an old one, the Four Elements of Healing is a powerful paradigm for developing deeply meaningful ways of relating to ourselves, to others and to life.

The Incidental Guru™ is a book that leads us away from sadness, doubt and worry, to discover what we already know to be true in our hearts: we are special; we are not powerless; we can be free, change is possible and yes, most clouds do in fact have a silver lining; but more than silver, some clouds are bursting with potential.

Whether we are struggling with a wayward dog, experiencing conflict with another or suffering from chronic feelings of self doubt, Cindy and Harry teach us that while all things may not go the way we want or expect, and some life lessons are difficult to bear, we must go forward with courage, trust in the future, respect the paths of others and love generously even though we have been bitten before.


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